The Good Fight

Master Productive Conflict in Your Team


We know the importance of creating a happy, healthy workplace for employees. For your organization to get ahead and stay ahead you need to make tough calls, face hard choices, and work through conflict. Productive conflict is about more than the right skill set. It requires the right mindset and the right processes, neither of which come naturally.

Without this, our businesses stagnate, engagement decreases, and stress levels increase – the exact opposite of what our organizations and people need to thrive.

The secret is to get naturally conflict avoidant humans to embrace productive conflict – the kind that strengthens relationships rather than destroying them.

Based on the critically acclaimed book, The Good Fight, Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track, our productive conflict solutions will help you create a healthy conflict culture in your team or organization.


  • Understand why avoiding conflict actually derails productivity, erodes culture, and leads to more stress—not less
  • Learn how to overcome conflict aversion and practical strategies to work through any issue—without the drama
  • Build conflict skills to enhance constructive tension without inadvertently creating destructive friction

Leaders and Individual Contributors

Keynote: 60-90 minutes
Workshop: 3-4 hours

In-Person or Virtual

To learn more about our workshops and programs, reach out to Melanie Abrahams

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