Team Dynamic Birkman


Leveraging The Birkman assessment, this module provides insights around individual styles, strengths, and development areas, and then to apply those insights in the team context.

We also identify combined strengths of the team, areas that may not garner as much focus and finally, where friction may start to surface.

The Birkman Method®:  The Birkman is designed to identify an individual’s strengths. The assessment not only measures the individual’s usual style, interests and organizational focus, it also reveals underlying needs, stress behaviours, and provides insight on how we work, approach problems, and relate to others.

Between Sessions One and Three, each participant will have a 1:1 debrief with a Birkman certified coach.


  • Enhance self-awareness and build awareness of key strengths, needs, interests and stress behaviours
  • Identify key development areas

1:1 Coaching Sessions: We recommend two 1:1 coaching sessions for each participant, one at the halfway point and one after Session 5.

The coach provides feedback about their participation and helps them strategize about how to add more value as a member of the team.

This module is a key component of our Path to Performance Program:

Program participants

???4 hours

???In-Person or Virtual

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