Staying Out of the Weeds

Being Productive: Less Work, More Value


Although we’ve made huge strides in technology and enabling systems, our productivity isn’t skyrocketing as you might expect. What’s going on? In most cases, it’s not a matter of deadwood, but instead, dead work. Even the most talented teams are drowning in tasks that add little value while consuming huge time and energy.

What would focusing on the most important work do for you and your team? How could you go beyond good intentions and build new skills and habits that will help you stay out of the weeds? This course will give you the tools to help you manage your workload, make a bigger contribution, and reclaim your work-life balance. 


  • Contribute more by differentiating between high and low value work
  • Reduce your workload by applying strategies to minimize low value work
  • Protect your relationships and reputation by saying no to requests the right way


Keynote: 60-90 minutes
Workshop: 3-4 hours

In-Person or Virtual

To learn more about our workshops and programs, reach out to Melanie Abrahams

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