Organizational Alignment


Through this first phase, team members will:

  • Create a shared view of the emerging mandate of the team
  • Discuss the highest and best use of the team’s time together
  • Map the unique value of each role and the productive tensions required
  • Set the ground rules for the team


Part 1: Adding Unique Value (3 hours): We start with the trends in the external environment and then define the unique value the team will need to be focused on. This allows a new team to set its agenda and to prioritize the most important work.

Part 2: Managing Productive Tensions (3 hours): We’ll articulate the different roles around the leadership team table and map the tensions that should exist between the different functions. Next, we’ll set the team’s ground rules for managing the tensions constructively and discuss any issues that affect the team’s willingness or ability to use conflict productively.

Follow-up on Meetings

  • Align your meeting structure with the mandate of the team
  • Create specific forums for different kinds of value
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings

This phase is a key component of our comprehensive programs:

Program participants

Adding Unique Value (3 hours)
Managing Productive Tensions (3 hours)

???In-Person or Virtual

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