Influencing with Impact

Increase Impact, Communication & Collaboration


Today’s workplace involves unprecedented levels of change and complexity. To set direction, align people and build commitment for achieving results, leaders need to get things done through influence, rather than direct control. 

Influence is the ability to positively impact the ideas, opinions and actions of others—and it has become a key required global skill for leading effectively.

This session brings leaders practical tools and strategies to enhance their awareness and ability to influence.


  • Negotiating successfully with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensuring clarity around the organization’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Creating a climate that makes work gratifying and enjoyable
This standalone workshop is a key component of our comprehensive Building High Performance Teams program.
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Individuals in functional positions who lead without formal authority or an official leadership title, as well as those preparing for leadership roles.

In-Person: 1/2 day session
Virtual: 2.5 hour session

In-Person or Virtual

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John S.
Vice President, Human Resources

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