The Art & Science of Feedback

Giving feedback to get results


In the workplace, giving feedback is an essential skill to help optimize performance and development. Yet, most employees are starved in this area. It can feel challenging to effectively provide feedback in both a positive and meaningful way, without triggering defensiveness. In addition, many people leaders have a bias to providing feedback that is mostly positive or is mostly negative. By learning how to apply a structured feedback model in this course, you will learn the impact of feedback, how to increase receptivity, and to give feedback that is productive.


  • Understand the importance of feedback
  • Apply a feedback framework to give meaningful feedback to reduce
    defensiveness that can occur in a feedback discussion
  • Explore the neuroscience that influences our reaction to feedback
  • Avoid common pitfalls, including the impact of unconscious bias

This workshop is a key component of our comprehensive Leader / New Leader Training program.

New Managers
Team Leads

2 hour session

In-Person or Virtual

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