Effective Decision-Making

A Framework For Success


We all make decisions every day, but few of us think about how we do it. Psychological research has shown that people make decisions that after reflection they regard as wrong. In this course, learn a systematic process that addresses critical elements that enables quality decision making. Review a framework to generate options, compare to decision criteria, and then select the best course of action. Following this framework will help avoid the pitfalls that undermine consistently effective decisions-making.


  • Understand the traps that prevent effective decision-making
  • Use a framework to make business decisions more effectively and confidently
  • Avoid obstacles to objective analysis and judgements
  • Identify when to involve the right people at the right time
  • Develop actions to gain the help and support needed to implement decisions

This workshop is a key component of our comprehensive Leader / New Leader Training program.

New Managers
Team Leads

2 hour session

In-Person or Virtual

To learn more about our workshops and programs, reach out to Melanie Abrahams

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