Effective 1-to-1 Meetings

Meaningful conversations and better performance


The manager and direct report relationship is crucial to the success of employee engagement, performance, and organizational culture. But very few organizations actually have the capacity to guide and improve these regular interactions, potentially leaving direct reports with the impression the meeting was disorganized and rushed. Done well, effective one-to-one meetings are an opportunity for feedback, coaching, rapport building, reinforcing cultural values, and ensuring focus on the right things. In this course, managers will be equipped with a framework to have meaningful conversations that lead to closer alignment, stronger connections, and better performance.


  • Successfully prepare and have the right mindset for one-to-one meetings
  • Develop strategies to engage and relationship build
  • Apply a framework for strategic discussions
  • Develop documentation approach that supports ongoing performance and

This workshop is a key component of our comprehensive Leader / New Leader Training program.

New Managers
Team Leads

2 hour session

In-Person or Virtual

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