Change Has Changed

How to create high performance in a world of perpetual change


Managing and navigating change is nothing new. So, why does it feel so much harder now? Because change has changed. It’s no longer an event to prepare for, but a constant reality to cope with. With this unrelenting pace and intensity, employees don’t have a chance to recover from the last initiative before moving on to the next one. Over time, even the best employees will either stop caring and check out, or try so hard they eventually burn out. While you can’t stop the tsunami of change, you have more power than you think to create calm within the storm.


  • Learn how to foster high performance even in the midst of significant change and competing priorities

  • Develop the mindset and the language that will allow you to surface and move through resistance and drama

  • Receive practical strategies you can use to develop your own resilience so you have the energy, patience, and endurance you need for the long haul

Leaders and Individual Contributors

Keynote: 60-90 minutes
Workshop: 3-4 hours

In-Person or Virtual

To learn more about our workshops and programs, reach out to Melanie Abrahams

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