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The world of work has changed drastically in the last decade and as a result, navigating one’s career has become much more ambiguous. Managers play a critical role in empowering career ownership with their teams and in doing so, they can effectively drive engagement, accountability and growth.

Despite this, managers often share their discomfort in engaging in career conversations as they fear they don’t have the right answers, that upward opportunities are limited, and time is scarce.

This session is designed to give leaders an understanding of today’s career landscape as well as their role as a manager in supporting their employees’ career development. It covers the key skills needed to drive engagement, including coaching, providing feedback and championing.

Managers are also provided tools to deepen their coaching conversations while applying their learning to real- life challenges they may face with their employees.


  • Understanding the ROI of career conversations

  • Reviewing the current world of work and career realities today and discuss the role of the manager in supporting career agility in the organization

  • Clarifying what coaching is and what it is not, and the difference between performance and career coaching conversations

  • Experience the coaching difference through experiential exercises

  • Discussing strategies to support career agility including providing feedback, inspiring insight, sharing ideas, championing and holding employees accountable

  • Applying coaching skills to organization-relevant case studies on typically challenging career conversations

This standalone workshop is a key component of our comprehensive Building High Performance Teams program.
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Individuals in functional positions who lead without formal authority or an official leadership title, as well as those preparing for leadership roles.

2 hour session

In-Person or Virtual

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