Belonging in The Workplace

Creating Workplace Culture For Successful Recruitment & Retention


In an ever-evolving work environment, the concept of “belonging” has gained prominence as an essential factor in building strong and diverse teams. Understanding that belonging is the bridge between successful recruitment, engagement and retention, true belonging goes beyond surface-level diversity. Belonging in the workplace requires active efforts from Leadership, HR and the whole organization. In this engaging session, you will learn the significance of fostering belonging in the workplace, understanding its core components, and discover the successful strategies that are working across seven industries and global environments. This session provides the know-how you need to create an inclusive environment where all employees feel they truly belong. We will address challenges such as unconscious bias, microaggressions, and the role of authentic buy-in that drives belonging.


  • Understand the importance of belonging in the workplace and its impact on organizational success
  • Learn how your actions can contribute to or hinder the sense of belonging among your colleagues and team members
  • Gain insights into the adverse impact caused by unconscious bias and microaggression training
  • Discover practical strategies to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all
  • Acquire tools to promote belonging, even in challenging scenarios

Leaders, Individual Contributors

Keynote: 60-90 minutes
Workshop: 3-4 hours

In-Person or Virtual

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