Believe it's Possible

Overcoming Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome


Have you ever chalked up your success to luck, chance or good timing? Do you discredit your accomplishments or undermine your skills?

If you said yes to any of those statements, you may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome, low self-efficacy, or a shortfall of self-assurance. And before you start putting yourself down for that, guess what: we all do it. It’s normal to question if you know enough, compare yourself to others or stale models of leadership, struggle with career decisions, or doubt if you have what it takes to succeed. But like many things, a little is good; a lot is not. It’s time to challenge yourself to redefine how you think about learning, experience, and your potential.


  • Understand the common internal and external barriers to believing in possibility
  • Detect traps in your thinking in real-time situations and reframe them in your mind instantly
  • Apply techniques, tools, and rituals to keep self-limiting thoughts at bay
  • Connect with your colleagues as a community who will inspire, support, and hold one another accountable moving forward

Women in functional positions who lead without formal authority or an official leadership title, as well as those preparing for leadership roles.

Keynote: 60-90 minutes
Workshop: 3-4 hours

In-Person or Virtual

To learn more about our workshops and programs, reach out to Melanie Abrahams

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