Why Happiness is
Good For Your Health

In partnership with Happify

What is the Happify platform?

Happify is a website and an iPhone/Android app that offers leading-edge, evidence-based activities and games that help people:

Why is it important?

How an individual feels matters. It impacts relationships, performance at work, and overall health and wellbeing. With today’s demands, the struggle to balance work, home life and life’s other challenges can lead to feelings of overwhelm and chronic stress. Happify’s programs can help members take control of their thoughts and feelings and build important skills to help them fight stress, anxiety, and depression.

How does it work?

Once a member signs up for Happify, they are asked to take a quick assessment. This assessment helps provide recommended tracks as a starting place. Happify offers dozens of tracks, or 4-week programs, that are personalized based on the individual’s specific needs and preferences. Programs and activities are “paced” to optimize benefits from the exercises.

When a member first starts a track or program, some activities and games immediately become available. Each day, more will be added or unlocked as they progress through the program. Some of the types of activities within Happify include:

What makes Happify special?

Happify is included as part of our Career Transition and Outplacement services.

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