Unrealized Growth In Mining

Upgrading the future to include human capital and belonging

Issues of human capital and organizational culture impact our local and global communities and the business world. The corporate world is changing its approach to human capital, and with this change, the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion requires leaders to look past differences. Going beyond the basics is where the opportunity for the most significant growth and potential lies.

Belonging, a key component for organizational culture, calls for equity, diversity, and inclusion; however, its meaning currently lacks proper understanding. While these terms are being welcomed into organizations quickly, their meaning, impact, and use will affect how diverse talent perceives corporate fairness, their engagement with the organization, and their tenure.

This white paper dives into the importance of connecting motivators of belonging with your human capital. Without understanding human psychology and how to create belonging in teams, employees will continue to turnover. While this paper is mining focused, many other industries experience the same issues for similar reasons.

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