The Performance Pay Gap Solution

A Workplace Research Initiative

Many companies have adopted the viewpoint that to decrease the gender gap, companies must hire and promote more women. Companies such as LeanIn.Org and McKinsey&Company have produced instrumental workplace studies to help generate awareness to further understand the implications of advancing and improving gender diversity. Their research has been instrumental to providing a broader understanding of workplace experiences, women of different races and ethnicities and LGBTQ women for additional insights into the pay gap.

Most companies, and the men and women who work for them, understand the statistics, but clear actions are still lacking. The purpose of our initiative was to investigate an alternative option that hadn’t yet been explored – mindset and brain differences. We also wanted to ensure we could overcome the objective of time to ensure scaleability.

This paper is from pre-pandemic times when gender was the main focus for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. While many organizations still face the discrepancies in gender, this paper is seen as a starting place from a neuroscience perspective and understanding the differences of the male and female brain.

Instant Access to Insights Paper

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