Belonging: The Next Metric for Corporate Governance

Belonging has been regarded as the bridge between reaching business goals and inspiring human capital engagement. To produce such results however, metrics and governance are required. This white paper prompts new methodology and key indicators to account for human capital while providing the potential for stabilizing talent in a destabilized industry.

The main objectives for the research study were to:

  • Identify the key indicators of belonging
  • Create a metric to measure belonging within the workplace
  • Explore the perception and predictors of belonging within the workplace
  • Understand belonging predictors within organizational culture
  • Explore belonging within the workplace as it intersects with business strategy, organizational
    design, and leadership

About the Author:

Andrea Carter
Neuroscience Based Equity, Diversity,
Inclusion & Belonging Strategist & Senior Consultant
Belonging-First Cultural Trainer

Andrea is an Associate of The Talent Company who brings over 18 years of research and practical application to her training, public speaking, and proven methods. She supports leaders and their teams to create a culture of belonging to produce good work despite high-pressure situations and imperfect conditions.

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