Halloween HR
Horror Story

It was a dark and stormy night when suddenly, 3 ghouls from the spooky workplace showed up at the HR Managers door. Burnout, Quiet Quitting and Return to Office were giving the HR professionals across the land quite the fright! “Quiet Quitters” were wreaking havoc on departments, slowing the work and dropping like flies. The smell of “Burnout” was in the air, as employees faced exhaustion and work-life balance challenges making the already tight labour market just a bit gloomier. Lastly, the fear of the “Return to Office” was causing panic in the streets and chills up the spines of many; the resistance was strong and HR was worried!

The HR Managers were frightened and fearful! Who would they call? Who would possibly care? The Talent Company has always been tough and brave, surely, they would be the answer to help the HR Managers weather the storm! The “Sunday Scaries” were coming and the HR departments were braving for the worst when all of a sudden, The Talent Company declared “We can help!”. The HR managers battened down the hatches and took up their chairs to listen to the wisdom The Talent Company had to share;

“Quiet Quitting is all about engagement! Keep your teams growing and plugged in with our Leadership and Talent Development!”

“Burnout can be combatted by efficiency and a supplementary workforce – take a look at our HR On-Demand solution to bring in the skill you need”

“Returning to the office is a challenge for everyone – join us for our Senior HR Peer to Peer, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Roundtables to work through shared challenges and develop solutions”

The HR managers were feeling a sense of relief, with the help of their friends at TTC, the HR Horrors might finally subside!  Burnout, Quiet Quitting and Return to Office might always be there, but we can help fight off the scary with the new-found sense of relief in the air!

From all of us at The Talent Company, Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

PS: If you’re looking for a new role, check out our latest job opportunities. No tricks, just treats.

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