Belonging Within The Workplace

Mixed Methods Constructivist Grounded Theory Study For Instrument Validation and Behavioural Indicators For Performance & Governance

This dissertation explores the complexity of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace, validates the Belonging Indicators required to measure organizational belonging and delivers the validated tactics to improve workplace belonging. This foundational piece is now used to educate PhD students and Masters students in Human Resource programs, Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Leadership Psychology.

Belonging is the cognitive, emotional, and psychological human necessity to be accepted and included by group members based on one’s authentic identity as an individual. Moreover, belonging research has provided direct and indirect correlation for its ability to enhance motivation, job satisfaction, inclusion, and commitment.

This study therefore explores the responsibility of belonging through the dimensions of environment, social, and organizational culture. Adapting a constructivist mixed methods grounded theory (GT) design, the Workplace Belonging Scale was validated and critical belonging behaviours and workplace tactics to measure, identify, and govern belonging in the workplace were achieved.

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