Belonging, Performance, and Engagement

What Tomorrow’s Leaders Need to Know

Leadership has changed post-pandemic. What motivates employees to follow leaders and managers is fundamentally different. If you’re unaware of what leaders need to know in post-pandemic markets, this chapter is an important one for you to review.

The effects of leadership on performance and engagement have long been evaluated and measured. Communities, organizations, and educational institutions seek to empower and support behaviors that lead to results, but the context of how is fundamentally different post-pandemic. Looking forward, orga- nizational and institutional success will depend on the leader’s ability to create a belonging environment. With followership no longer driven by rational rewards, leaders must learn how to connect with members’ emotional needs to motivate and inspire action. This chapter examines the importance of adopting new leadership behaviours, the cost of membership loneliness and exclusion, and the impact of trust, account- ability, and empathy.


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