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Belonging in the workplace:
Methodology for fair and equitable data analysis

Have you ever wondered why traditional survey analysis may not be revealing what’s actually happening with Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in your organization? Read this peer-reviewed journal article to find out how traditional surveys hide the under-represented and often create prioritized actions that drive further division and adverse impact. Then discover the methodology to change how your surveys are analyzed. 

Data from 3,508 participants from 13 Toronto Stock Exchange listed companies were used to evaluate perceived organizational belonging through five validated indicators (comfort, connection, contribution, psychological safety, and well- being). Using multiplicative analysis, we explored how employees’ intersecting identities change their perception of belonging in the workplace.

Study results show clear direct and indirect effects when intersections of identity are accounted for. With the intersections of identity frequently misunderstood in survey analysis and the workplace, this research explores how status quo decisions lead to exclusion and turnover of underrepresented employees. Applying mediation analysis explains the variance in perception of belonging in the workplace and provides insight into the distortions of workplace experience while providing support for sustainability protocols

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