Tammy Heermann

Author, Speaker and Passionate Advocate for Women’s Advancement

Tammy is an award-winning leadership expert sought out by some of the world’s top companies for her programs that accelerate high potential leaders and women’s advancement. For over 20 years she has helped change thousands of mindsets around what it takes to lead, both self and others. While having impact in the C-Suite, nothing makes her happier than pushing up-and-coming leaders to break through organizational and self-imposed barriers to reach their potential. Tammy transforms her audiences with alternating moments of humour and heartache as she shares stories of her own journey from senior consultant to senior vice-president. She is a perennial mentor with Women in Communications and Technology, and is also addicted to the Peloton, Pilates and perogies. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter. She is the author of Reframe Your Story: Real talk for women who want to let go, do less and be more-together.

Speaking Topics

Reframe Your Story

In this keynote Tammy asks you to think about the unhelpful stories you tell yourself that hold you back. She will spur you to change the conversation you have with yourself so that you can adjust your behaviors, exhibit new skills and transform perceptions about what you can accomplish personally and professionally. Change your mindset, change the conversation, change your life.

Do Less Sh*t

Tammy sheds light on why research has shown that being perceived as strategic is more challenging for women than men. She tests you to question the value you add at work and home, why it matters and what it’s costing you. You will be compelled to move from striking off tasks on long to-do lists to actioning strategic priorities; from constantly being busy to adding value. You will be spurred to change what you’re known for and learn how to complete valuable tasks that matter to your brand, your earnings, your promotability and your health and well-being.

Leaders are Champions

Tammy discusses learnings from organizations that are making headway and those struggling dismally. The real solution it turns out is the critical role of people managers in leading the charge. Expectations of leaders are changing, and rapidly. Learn how to actively shape culture, coach differently and pay attention to critical markers and metrics.

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