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Organizations make the best hiring decisions when they have access to talent partners with programs that support organizational culture, fit and enhanced capabilities. Our approach to providing the best and most consistent results is based on our proven and proprietary methodology. We combine deep research, a comprehensive recruitment toolkit and supporting services to aid our clients in making the best hiring decisions every time.

Our recruitment services are tailored to fit the needs of your business and industry. You’ll benefit from the expertise of our entire team, with a dedicated point person to guide you. 

Contingent and Retained Search

With extensive research capabilities, an emphasis on process, and a global network of engaged candidates, we are our clients’ preferred partner for hiring the best talent.

Talent Mapping and Pipelining

Our managed solution accelerates candidate sourcing, engagement, and screening. Our process generates consistent results, an impressive return on investment, and the most precise hiring outcomes.

Hiring Right™

The Hiring Right™ training program enhances your recruitment outcomes by helping your leaders build a deeper understanding of leading recruitment and hiring practices, along with the mindset and skillset needed to succeed.

We Find Great Talent

We work closely with our clients to build a deep understanding of their business priorities, culture, fit, and a comprehensive overview of role accountabilities. We leverage our expansive network across all sectors, conduct research, and identify the best talent in the market. With our rigorous interviewing process and in-house assessment and selection tools, our clients can be sure that they are making the best and most appropriate hire each and every time.

The Talent Company’s proprietary Talent Acquisition Capability Assessment™ is a step-by-step approach to providing substantial and qualitative enhancements to your recruitment strategy, processes, tools, program and expertise. 


Working with the Talent company has been a pleasure – they are a team of dedicated professionals providing exceptional insight on the talent landscape with the ability to quickly attract and match incredible expert talent to the required role. Partnering in a collaborative approach with pace and agility, they have regularly been able to deliver incredible, diverse talent that elevates our organization. I would highly recommend the Talent Company.
Corey Shaw
AVP Talent Acquisition at Canada Life
The Talent Company Team are a tremendous partner with a clear passion for finding the right fit for both candidates and employers. I appreciate their candour, feedback and coaching throughout the recruitment process, as well as her commitment to ensuring a positive experience for all involved. In my experience, candidates have been very well sourced and while this has made the selection process more difficult, it has definitely reinforced our trust in the team to help build our team at Grafton.
Maura Alexandru
VP Human Resources at Grafton Apparel
The Talent Company team members listen to their clients to understand their needs. They are transparent in providing honest feedback to move projects forward. They are strong collaborative partners who will do all it takes to meet our needs. We receive strongly positive feedback from employees who have participated in the career transition programs.
Rehana Doobay
Director Human Resources at Baxter Canada
I can rely on The Talent Company’s skill set to help us with our recruitment needs. They are knowledgeable in many industries in which they work and can pinpoint what type of skill set the role would require. I highly recommend The Talent Company for a true business recruitment / talent management partner.
Carmelinda Galota
HR Management Partner at PCC Aerostructures
The team at The Talent Company are a joy to work with. They do a great job selecting and pre screening job candidates. The candidates that they put forward are well qualified in terms of knowledge, skills and experience... making the final selection a lot easier for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire qualified new staff.
Jim Pappas
Talent, Training & Systems at Cladify

Accelerate Your Recruitment Process

Our Talent Pipelining solution accelerates the front-end of your recruitment process: researching, identifying, engaging and pre-screening candidates. Whether you’re in need of a targeted list of candidate names, a pipeline of engaged talent to support growth, or market data to help you prepare for succession planning, Talent Pipelining provides your organization with a competitive advantage.

Talent Pipelining is designed to specifically address the issues that most Recruitment functions often face: capacity and capability challenges. The outcome is clear: a managed solution that generates repeatable value, an impressive return on investment and the most precise hiring results.

What you can expect:

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