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Exploring your Transition

As retirement approaches, it is a chance to rediscover yourself, prioritize relationships, explore passions, and engage with your community. Unfortunately, retirement is often associated with ensuring that you have enough money and not much thought has been given to what you want to get out of your retirement.

Being intentional in exploring and understanding what a happy, satisfying, and productive retirement looks like can help provide a successful and well-lived post-working life. What will allow you to be your best self in retirement and create the best life possible? Working with a certified retirement coach can help you find the answers.

As part of our retirement coaching, there are two proprietary assessments designed to help individuals explore options, creating awareness and enjoy a more fulfilling retirement;

  • The Retirement Success Profile™
  • LifeOptions Profile™
For Organizations
Navigate the future with confidence by prioritizing employee wellbeing and strategic succession planning.
For Financial Advisors
Strengthen your client relationships, differentiate your services, and solidify your position as a trusted advisor.
For Individuals
Curate a retirement lifestyle that matches your dreams. Embrace the freedom to explore, learn, and savor every moment.


Invest in Your Team’s Wellbeing and Succession Planning

Empower your organization’s future by incorporating our retirement solutions into your succession planning and employee wellbeing. Our tailored solutions contribute to a thriving work environment, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership and a workforce that feels valued.

  • Strategic Succession Planning – Ensures a seamless transition of knowledge and leadership, safeguarding the organization’s continuity and success.
  • Workforce Management  Strategically facilitates smooth employee transitions while optimizing organizational talent dynamic with insights into lifestyle preferences.
  • Employee Wellbeing – Enhances employee wellbeing by providing holistic support for a smooth and fulfilling transition into the next chapter.
  • Future Planning – Provides opportunity for organizations to prepare, plan and mitigate risk.
  • Celebrate  Recognize valued employees as they exit the workforce

By making retirement a positive event, organizations can reduce stress, improve succession planning, strengthen engagement, and ensure smoother customer transitions. 

With CPI’s Retirement Options program employees are guided through the retirement planning process.  Everyone’s retirement will be unique, so Retirement Options takes a systematic approach to preparing for all components of a successful transition from working life.

With growing life expectancies, retirement can last for 30 years or more! Through proper planning, looking beyond finances, this period can become an individual’s most fulfilling phase of life.

Properly preparing for and supporting an employee’s retirement creates a win-win for the organization and the retiree.

We help organizations honour the legacy and contributions of the aging workforce while also preparing them for retirement and the organization for transition. Our programs and methodology ensure that late-stage career employees will feel valued for their work and supported in their journey.

This kind of attention to life-after-work planning builds employee loyalty and retention.

Financial Advisors

Elevate Your Clients’ Experience

Unlock new dimensions in financial planning by incorporating our holistic retirement lifestyle solutions. Strengthen your client relationships, differentiate your services, and solidify your position as a trusted advisor. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your financial planning toolkit, adding a layer of lifestyle optimization that sets you apart in a competitive market.

  • Enhances Value – Beyond financial considerations, enhance client value by customizing plans tailored to individual needs and aspirations for a well-rounded retirement experience.
  • Empowers Clients – Provides heightened confidence in ‘retirement planning’ as a whole; making the switch from saving to spending.
  • Elevates Conversations – Aligns financial strategies with the six arenas of an ideal retirement vision, fostering stronger partnerships with client.
  • Client Retention and Attraction – Attract new client and strengthen long-term relationships by addressing lifestyle needs, fostering loyalty, and positioning yourself as a comprehensive financial partner.
  • Competitive Edge  Stand out in a crowded market by offering a unique blend of financial and lifestyle planning, setting a new standard for retirement excellence.
  • KYC

Maximizing value in retirement planning involves aligning your clients’ personalized financial investment strategies with their unique priorities across the six life arenas. Recognizing that building a deep understanding of your clients is a gradual process, it’s crucial to intentionally synchronize all six retirement arenas acknowledging the evolving landscape of your clients’ lives.

Our strategic collaboration instills profound confidence, ensuring that the vision and lifestyle planning of retirement are expertly managed. Tailored precisely to align with your clients’ objectives, our retirement partnership and solutions empowers individuals to prioritize fulfillment and foster peace of mind.


Navigating the Sands of Change

Whether you find yourself in the sandwich generation or navigating other distinct circumstances, our retirement solutions are crafted to meet your specific needs. Your retirement plan, actually a ‘life plan”, should be every bit as unique as you are.

Most people assume they want to retire, as soon as they feasibly can, but have not looked very deep into what it means in their day-to-day life. Retirees can go through many different phases of emotions after they stop working. You might initially start with a sense of freedom, but you can also experience periods of regret, boredom, anxiety, and depression. These unexpected and unknown emotions might creep in slowly and it is important to recognize these emotions.

  • Successful Planning  Attaining clear insights and boosting confidence in your retirement strategy, while crafting a well-defined roadmap for the next chapter of your life.
  • Emotional Preparedness  Addressing the ‘What Do I Do Now?’ Our approach focuses on helping you cultivate awareness to effectively manage the emotional aspects of retirement with greater confidence and readiness.
  • Purpose & Vision – Tackling the question of “Who am I beyond my career? Encouraging an exploration and expansion of self-identity, discovering what brings fulfillment, and elevating one’s self concept, fostering an enriched approach to retirement.
  • Navigating Lifestyle Shifts  Addressing the question of how to fill newfound free time by exploring recreation, reinvention, and adjustment to a new, flexible schedule. Adapting to a new, different, or even schedule-free lifestyle through thoughtful planning.
  • Evolving Relationships  Examining and proactively managing potential shifts in relationships, including those with spouses, friends, and former colleagues, and understanding their impact.
  • Awareness of Triggers  Fostering understanding of potential triggers and proactively mitigating surprises in the post-retirement phase.

Retirement coaching provides an opportunity to explore, learn, and prepare for your retirement through participation in assessments, workbooks, reflection, and 1:1 coaching. Working with your certified retirement coach, you take stock in the 6 arenas of retirement (Career & Work, Health & Wellness, Finance & Insurance, Family & Relationships, Leisure & Social, and Personal Development) and understand what each one means to you. Through individual coaching sessions, participants can understand their unique assessment results and identify areas driving any shortfalls. 

Certified Coaches are equipped with the tools, training, and support to effectively coach the largest demographic in the world. These assessments deliver the accurate, personalized, and comprehensive information you need to provide high-impact retirement coaching. In addition, leading organizations realize that retirement planning begins 30 years before retirement and have started providing support to emerging employees early in their careers.

World-class coaches analyze these results to help guide participants through a planning process to design and prepare for their desired retirement. 

To learn more about our retirement and lifestyle solutions, book a conversation with Greg Vertelman

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