Management 101


Management 101 is designed for new and aspiring managers who need to develop essential management skills. The program covers the fundamentals of managing people, projects, and resources effectively.

Key Featured Topics

  • Basic management principles
  • Leadership and team-building
  • Time, resource, and budget management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance management


  • Master basic management principles and practices
  • Improve leadership and team-building skills
  • Learn to manage time, resources, and budgets efficiently
  • Understand how to handle workplace conflicts and performance issues

New managers and supervisors, Aspiring managers and team leaders, Professionals seeking to enhance their management skills, Employees transitioning into managerial roles

Self-paced Online

Courses: Core management concepts and skills

Videos: Real-world management scenarios and solutions

Assessments: Practical quizzes and tests

eBooks: Management handbooks and manuals

Simulations: Interactive management challenges

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