Cybersecurity Fundamentals


This program offers a foundational understanding of cybersecurity principles, threats, and best practices. It is designed for professionals new to cybersecurity or those looking to update their knowledge.

Key Featured Topics

  • Cybersecurity concepts and terminology
  • Common threats and vulnerabilities
  • Network security
  • Incident response
  • Best practices for information security


  • Understand basic cybersecurity concepts and terminology
  • Identify common cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Learn best practices for protecting information systems
  • Gain skills in network security and incident response

IT professionals new to cybersecurity, Employees responsible for data security, Business professionals seeking to understand cybersecurity, Anyone interested in a career in cybersecurity

Self-paced Online

Courses: Core cybersecurity concepts and skills

Videos: Real-world cyber threat scenarios

Assessments: Knowledge checks and practical exercises

eBooks: Guides on cybersecurity practices

Simulations: Interactive cybersecurity challenges

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