AI for HR


This program introduces HR professionals to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in human resources. It covers how AI can be leveraged to improve HR processes and decision-making.

Key Featured Topics

  • AI fundamentals and terminology
  • AI in recruitment and talent management
  • AI-driven employee engagement
  • AI tools and platforms for HR
  • Ethical considerations in AI


  • Understand AI concepts and terminology
  • Learn how AI can streamline recruitment and talent management
    Explore AI-driven employee engagement and retention strategies
  • Gain skills in using AI tools and platforms for HR

HR professionals interested in AI applications, HR managers seeking to implement AI solutions, Talent acquisition and management specialists, Tech-savvy HR practitioners

Self-paced Online

Courses: Structured learning paths on AI in HR

Videos: Demonstrations and expert interviews

Assessments: Knowledge checks and quizzes

eBooks: Detailed guides on AI tools and techniques

Simulations: Hands-on exercises with AI applications

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