A robust leadership succession plan is a critical business continuity imperative. It allows organizations to plan for and manage important transitions.   This process ensures that each leader has a clear understanding of the actions and commitments needed to plan for their own transition, the identification and development of successors, and the planning needed to protect the organization.

A Proven, Flexible Approach

We design programs that educate and engage leaders in the succession process. We’ll work together to create a shared understanding of the path forward and how we will partner together to support the development and delivery of your custom succession plan. The goal is to have everyone aligned on:

We recognize that your degree of succession planning will fall on a spectrum from no plan at all to evolving systems to a very complex, documented plan. Regardless of where you are now, The Talent Company will work with you to craft a succession plan that ensures your plans and people practices are aligned with the needs of your organization.


Facilitating Your Succession Planning Process

When it comes to succession planning, The Talent Company has a distinct point of view: the greatest impact is generated from an inclusive process that creates a clear, direct, and evidence-based plan that is simple to administer and understand. The Talent Company will partner with you to ensure your key stakeholders have the opportunity to consider and develop robust plans that meet these guiding principles. Our expert team will provide coaching and facilitation of a session or sessions designed to:

For more information about our expertise, approach and the impact our clients have experienced, contact Kathleen Jinkerson

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