Charting a Course to Leadership Excellence

We work with your leaders to set the stage for understanding what leadership looks like in today’s world of work and applying their understanding to the unique needs of your organization. The following signature programs can be delivered in person or virtually as a complete program or as individual modules.

Leader / New Leader Training Program

Through these individual modules up to a 12 month program, participants are introduced to concepts that will help them:

  • Develop and enhance their leadership effectiveness
  • Hone core skills, including leading teams, providing feedback and modeling productive conflict
  • Collaborate with peers and develop a strong community of leaders
  • Demonstrate their learning through ongoing action planning

Program components include:

High Potential Training Program

This 6 to 9 month program will develop the skills that prepare high potential employees for next step leadership in your organization. Our signature program blends modular learning with a practical project addressing a current business challenge or opportunity.

Program components include:

To learn more about our leadership & talent development programs, reach out to Melanie Abrahams

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