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The Talent Company works in partnership with Dr. Liane Davey and 3COze to bring a proven approach, practical tools, and research-based insights to organizations, teams, and leaders. We work with your leaders to set the stage for understanding what leadership looks like in today’s world of work and applying their understanding to the unique needs of your organization. The following is a sample of training options for your leaders and teams.

The Path to Performance: For Teams & Leader Forums

This team effectiveness process ensures that leaders develop norms and ways of operating to support the growth and success of the organization. Leveraging the research and proven strategies developed by Liane Davey, PhD, of 3COze, this process includes a comprehensive review of the following areas:

Adding Unique Value:
After this session, your team will be able to focus on doing the right work at the right time so they can be more effective, bringing a clearer sense of the value the organization is counting on them to deliver.

Productive Conflict:
After this session, teams will be able to engage in constructive discussions that improve the quality of their decision-making, innovation, and collaboration across different units and functions.

Equipping Leaders to Thrive in the Modern Workplace

Module 1: Setting Your Remote Workers Up for Success
This module focuses on the factors associated with success in working remotely. Participants learn about the characteristics of successful remote workers and the strategies that can be used to mitigate risks. Next, we work through the four conditions that are associated with success in working remotely.

Module 2: Remote Teamwork
This module focuses on improving the interactions among members of remote and hybrid teams including a model of how to build trust among people who aren’t co-located. The program provides information on collaborating through virtual channels and effectively managing through conflict.

Module 3: Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams
This module provides specific advice on how to ensure members of a remote or hybrid team know what to do (creating alignment), know how to do it (building capability remotely), and want to do it (fostering motivation from afar), addressing the challenge of managing attention and anxiety on teams.

Building a Culture of Productive Conflict

For your organization to get ahead and stay ahead you need to make tough calls, face hard choices, and work through conflict. But productive conflict is still rare. Why? Because productive conflict is about more than the right skill set. It requires the right mindset and the right processes, neither of which come naturally. The 3COze Building a Culture of Productive Conflict program will help you improve results and enhance engagement.

Increasing Your Strategic Influence

With the rise in matrix organizational structures and cross-functional teams, leaders increasingly need to get things done through influence, rather than direct control. That style often doesn’t come naturally. Most people have been taught to make a good case with strong evidence or sound logic. Unfortunately, that’s not how humans make decisions. Using a barrage of evidence can even make things worse. This session brings leaders practical tools to enhance their ability to influence.

Being Productive: Less Work, More Value

Although we’ve made huge strides in technology and enabling systems, our productivity isn’t skyrocketing as you might expect. What’s going on? Should we blame it on lazy, unproductive people? Definitely not. In most cases, it’s not a matter of deadwood, but instead, dead work. Even the most talented teams are drowning in tasks that add little value while consuming huge time and energy. Not only is that unproductive, but it’s also demoralizing. And you can’t just work harder and faster because the torrent of tasks is unrelenting. This session provides tools for leaders to level up, ruthlessly prioritize, delegate effectively and stay out of the weeds.

Leading Your Team Through Perpetual Change

As a leader, managing change is nothing new. So, why does it feel so much harder now? Because change has changed. It’s no longer an event to prepare for, but a constant reality to cope with. With this unrelenting pace and intensity, your employees don’t have a chance to recover from the last initiative before moving on to the next one. Over time, even the best employees will either stop caring and check out or try so hard they eventually burn out. While you can’t stop the tsunami of change, as a leader, you have more power than you think to create calm within the storm. This session provides strategies and tools to address change and ensure teams are supported in order to thrive.

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