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Leader Training Program

Organizations with top-quartile teams in employee engagement have:

We work with your leaders to set the stage for:

1. Understanding what leadership looks like in today’s world of work

2. Building the mindset and skillset needed to have impact in their environment.

For your leaders we recommend a combination of live in-class training and sustainability sessions to build coaching capacity.  As such, our programs typically includes the following components:

The ROI of Coaching Conversations

Employees are 3x more likely to be engaged when they have regular and meaningful communication with their manager

Leader as Coach

We hear a lot about the importance of coaching, but don’t always understand the benefits of increased individual performance, accountability, and self-sufficiency, leaving others with more time to do their work. Coaching can be provided by anyone, at any level, if they know the right questions to ask, and it is a critical skill for today’s leaders. This session is designed to give leaders an understanding of what coaching is and a first-hand experience of the difference that coaching makes, as well as an understanding of the business case for coaching. Leaders are also provided with tools to begin coaching and to make the switch to a coaching mindset, while applying their learning to real-life challenges they face with their teams.



In order to maximize the desired behaviour change in program participants, we recommend that the learning program be supplemented with pod coaching support and our habit builder. Pod coaching provides additional momentum, accountability, and development of self-awareness while accelerating the rate of behaviour change.

Pod Coaching

Pod coaching is an effective way to provide impactful coaching while managing budget. Coach-led, these sessions create the space for individual reflection and sharing while also allowing for collaboration with peers. Talent Company coaches are skilled in leading group sessions to ensure that an environment of trust and accountability is created. Group sessions often evolve to being self-managed, which is a helpful sustainability strategy.

Here is a typical structure of a Pod Coaching session:

Shot of a group of businesspeople arranging sticky notes on a glass wall in a modern office

To learn more about our leadership & talent development programs, book a conversation with Richard Antosik, Chief Client Officer & Chief Operating Officer.

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