Leadership &
Talent Development

Great leadership is the foundation
of a thriving culture and organization.

Build Leadership Capacity

Build Leadership Capacity

Enhance Team Performance

Enhance Team Performance

Improve Work Culture

Improve Work Culture

Invest in Leadership for the Health of Your Organization

Being a Good Leader Starts with a Desire to Make a Difference

But, that’s not enough. Strong leadership also demands a variety of skills that need to be taught and practiced. That’s where we can help.

Leadership Development

We support organizations with leadership development that is agile, connected, and drives value for the organization. Our team will work with you to uncover the needs of your organization and provide programs that are targeted and measured.

Team Effectiveness

Our Team Effectiveness Programs systematically improve the alignment around your team’s mandate; and the trust, candor, and productive conflict that characterize your team dynamic.

Career Management &
Talent Development

Our Talent Development practice is focused on enabling career mobility and supporting broad talent pools to grow, learn and thrive in today’s workforce.

Learning for Leaders and Teams

The Talent Company works in partnership with Liane Davey and 3COze to bring a proven approach, practical tools, and research- based insights to organizations, teams, and leaders. We work with your leaders to set the stage for understanding what leadership looks like in today’s world of work and applying their understanding to the unique needs of your organization.

Invest in Leadership and Team Effectiveness

Our team of master facilitators and coaches work with organizations to design, deliver and measure programs.


Systematically improve the alignment around your team’s mandate; and the trust, candor, and productive conflict that characterize your team dynamic.


Assist leaders in developing the skills, mindsets, and behaviors to effectively lead today and into the future.

Grow & Develop Talent​


Our Talent Development practice is designed to up-skill and re-skill the leaders of tomorrow.


Our Career Management solutions are focused on enabling career engagement and growing talent.


We specialize in Transition Planning & Succession Readiness Coaching. Our team will provide recommendations, an action plan and a timeline for next steps. We offer a variety of succession planning resources to assist with:

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