Data and insights that are made to measure… and support evidence-based decision making.

There has been a tectonic shift in the world of work. Recent drivers impacting total rewards strategies and practices have included changing economic and labour market conditions, the rise of virtual and hybrid work, scrutiny around social and political justice, access to healthcare, and increased advocacy for and legislation concerning pay equity and transparency.

Our total rewards solutions team conducts primary research as well as trend and meta-analysis to keep you informed and to create insights that can inform evidence-based decision making.

Our insights and advisory include:

Market Benchmarking & Analysis
Custom Surveys
Employee Insights (surveys, focus groups, etc)
Quantitative and qualitative research on total rewards strategies and practices

Our findings are distilled into themes and trends and outliers are examined for context and connection. Our findings are then translated into insights and/or recommendations that can help you answer questions such as:

  • Is our pay market competitive?
  • Are there gaps in our Pay Equity?
  • How are other organizations rewarding top talent or hot jobs?
  • How do we balance what employees want and what we can afford?
  • What are our peers/competitors doing to address shared challenges/opportunities?
  • Do our employees understand and value our total rewards offering?
  • How do we ensure we’re compliant with changing legislation?

We also offer on-demand or project-based support in analyzing the results of internal or third-party data.

To learn more about our compensation and total rewards solutions, book a quick conversation with Kathleen Jinkerson, Vice President, HR & Total Rewards Solutions.

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