Strengthening the Impact of Your Total Rewards

Training, communication, and other change activities to manage implementation and sustain adoption.

Effective compensation is a commonly identified barrier to attracting, retaining, and motivating the right talent. That’s why we offer comprehensive total rewards solutions designed to address your organization’s unique business and human capital needs.

We are committed to understanding your culture and business strategy first, followed by applying our expertise, tools, and insights toward designing and strengthening the efficiency and impact of your practices.

We offer project-based and on-demand (hourly, fractional) support in areas such as:

Audits & Capability Assessments

Total Rewards Communications


Custom-Tailored Training


Implementation and Project Management


Practical Support For Transformation and Change



69% of Managers are not comfortable communicating with employees about compensation
(Source: The Talent Company) and 86% of executives cite the lack of effective communication as the main cause for program failures (Source: Forbes)


47% Increase in understanding of strategies and practices reported by participants of our customizable The Art & Science of Compensation sessions


Organizations with integrated total rewards are 5x more likely to say employees are engaged and 2 more likely to report better financial performance (Source: The Talent Company)


75% of conversations about pay happen between Managers and Employees. Yet, only 17% of organizations are very confident in their Managers’ ability to talk about total rewards (Source: The Talent Company)


70% greater returns for organizations with implementation and execution plans (Source: Harvard Business Review)

To learn more about our compensation and total rewards solutions, book a quick conversation with Kathleen Jinkerson, Vice President, HR & Total Rewards Solutions.

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