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Total rewards, delivered well, are a major point of differentiation for organizations. When executed properly, they allow companies to better focus on strategy and effective decision-making, while enhancing their ability to attract and retain a highly engaged and productive workforce.

Our consultants are recognized leaders with experience in global Fortune 500 and leading North American and Canadian organizations. They have successfully addressed our clients’ challenges and delivered customized, practical solutions that address issues at the root level.

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Our Beliefs and Delivery Approach


The compensation philosophy and practices you put into place need to be authentic to your organization’s objectives, culture and realities.


We ask questions you may not have considered or that you may not have answers to. We seek to develop a deep understanding of your current pay and rewards practices, uncover and address preferences, assumptions and perceptions of total rewards as well as create insight into what’s possible.


We apply our holistic view of proven, trending and leading practices to generate insights that can help you make the right choices for your organization.


Value is derived from an ability to execute well. We will help your organization create the structures, tools and practices to drive consistent, fair, competitive and effective decisions that generate the right results.


We validate our proposed approach, balancing what is ideal or desired versus what is practical and sustainable.

The hourly wage structure you designed for us is a very valuable tool. This is what I had in mind, it matches our pay philosophy and gets to the foundation of the situation ie. who you know or who you report to, it significantly impacts your pay. This structure addresses that pain point. I’m excited to put this in place.
Mike S.
Vice President, Human Resources
Hello Kathleen and Team, we were so fortunate working with you and your team, true experts in the industry. You delivered the best results no matter the circumstances, including delays from our end due to the pandemic. We thank you for your tremendous help in our project and hope to connect with you in the future.
Director of Operations, Assisted Living Organization

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