Executive Coaching

From Insight to Action

The Coaching Process

At the Talent Company, our Executive Coaches work with leaders to help them gain personal insights and translate those insights into behaviour changes that support them in realizing the results they are seeking.

Our coaching team is comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and training, all of whom have a demonstrated ability to connect with people across various functional areas and levels. Our coaches are selected based on their experience, credentials, demonstrated success, uniqueness, and personality. They bring a breadth of expertise, including career management, change management, emotional intelligence, leadership effectiveness, role transition, relationship-building, collaboration, authenticity, organizational awareness and team optimization.


Our success is rooted in process, including the following steps:


We leverage insights that can be gained through the use of stakeholder interviews as well as psychometric assessment. This first phase will enable the coach to distill key themes to support the leader’s development planning. There are various assessments available to support the process, including a battery of psychometric assessments and 360 tools to help drive the coaching process.


Our coaches are skilled in determining the learning needs of their clients and determining the best approach to support their development. Their role includes providing observations and honest and direct feedback, and building a relationship that provides a place for safety and trust in order for learning to take place. Throughout the process, our coaches maintain a close relationship with their coaching client in order to ensure their ongoing success.


At every phase of the coaching process we support leaders taking new actions. The start of their coaching program will include the development of an action plan in order to determine the key measures of success for the coaching. We also support leaders taking new actions through ongoing accountability by the coach and through leveraging our coaching platform.

Sustaining Success

A supportive follow-up phase is often part of sustaining the success of the coaching program, and typically involves a less intensive schedule between the coach and the leader. There are many different ways that success can be sustained. If the leader foresees important changes or events in the near future, they may wish to renew the coaching program at a later date, or schedule as-needed coaching in advance. Sustainment coaching is available on a per session basis and is usually determined at the end of the coaching program between the coach, leader, and organization.

To learn more about our leadership programs, book a conversation with Liane Taylor, Vice President, Coaching & Leadership Development.

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