Team Development Workshops

Impacting topics to enhance team development and cohesion, delivered in-person or virtual

Team development workshops have emerged as invaluable tools for organizations seeking to enhance their team’s cohesion, productivity, performance, and culture.

These workshops provide a structured environment where team members can learn and grow in essential skills, collaborate effectively, and build strong relationships. According to almost any study conducted today by research institutes, companies that invest in team development workshops experience a remarkable increase in employee engagement by an average of 20%. 

Additionally, professional development statistics among today’s dominant working demographic; 67% of Gen-X leaders want more external coaching and team development, and 60% of Millennials want leadership training to help them emerge more into the leaders we need tomorrow.

As a result, we’ve designed our workshop experience to be highly engaging and provide an impacting and collaborate learning environment leveraging the following key deliverables;

  • Thoughtful, and relevant pre-work 
  • Instructional content on theme/topics that today’s leaders and teams need to grow and thrive 
  • Delivered by trained facilitators
  • Facilitated conversation and break-out groups
  • Live anonymous polling using powerful questioning to unlock team data, made available back to you
  • Designed take-aways and tangible made-real tools

To learn more about our Team Workshops, book a discovery conversation with us.

Some of our topics include:

  • Leadership, of self & others.
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication, influence, stakeholder relations
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leading & Thriving in a Hybrid Workplace
  • Presentation and Strategic Business Writing
  • Change Management; how change, has changed
  • Priority & Energy Management; staying out of the weeds
  • Team Building; creating connection and culture norms
  • Strengthening Resilience & Stress Management
  • Building a Culture Respect and Civility in the Workplace
  • ED & I; Learning to be an Active Bystander
  • Understanding and Nurturing Unconscious Bias
  • Leading Intergenerational Teams
  • Strategic Planning Day

…and more. 

  • Virtual & In-Person delivery modalities available.
  • Sessions are available in English, French, or a mutually agreed upon Bilingual mixture.
  • Sessions are available in time increments of full day (6 hours) or half-day (3 hours), or 2 hours.

Our Certified Coaching & Facilitating Team is composed of senior level former federal public service executives (Director, DG, and ADM level).

Supply Arrangement: We are Government of Canada pre-qualified with supply arrangements in place. To receive our Procurement Guide, email Jason Parks at

To learn more about our Team Workshops for Federal Public Service, book a conversation with Jason Parks, VP Business Development & Public Service Practice Lead.

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