Board Interview Competition

From first federal government role to EX-4

Are you about to enter a competition pool or prepare for a next level interview and you’d like to be as prepared and confident as possible? 

Strong interview performance is a key measurable when considering which candidate is the best fit for any position. Whether you are looking to hone your skills for government interviews or simply want a mentor to help you become as prepared as possible, we have the expertise to help. Our team of experienced former public service leaders have been “on the other side of the table” for more than 250 competition panels, and serve all levels and classifications, from individuals seeking their first federal government role, and up to EX-04.

Competition and Interview Coaching is focused on specific public service competitions and customized to ensure we’re prioritizing the areas that you need to focus on.

This program can include the following;

  • Document Review; current resume, role description, performance reviews, and application.
  • Understanding the job poster and statement of merit criteria for sought after roles.
  • Statement of merit-based application, resume, types of interviews (remote video, video conference, presentation, CBL, in-person).
  • Addressing your level of confidence, and beat anxiety and recover quickly from mistakes. 
  • The role of references, how best to use yours.
  • Explore STAR principles (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and how to practically apply them to panel or recorded interviews
  • Connecting your competencies to answer the merit criteria articulately. 
  • Practice with hard and soft mock interviews – review and practice common interview questions
  • Hone your professional presence, in-person or virtual
  • Articulate your value proposition and achievements for the greatest impact
  • Support before (preparation), during (action) and after (strategic follow-up)
  • The CSPS Resource & Study Guide for Interviews

Our Certified Coaching & Facilitating Team is composed of senior level former federal public service executives (Director, DG, and ADM level).

Supply Arrangement: We are Government of Canada pre-qualified with supply arrangements in place. To receive our Procurement Guide, email Jason Parks at

To learn more about our Federal Public Service Solutions, book a conversation with Jason Parks, VP Business Development & Public Service Practice Lead.

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