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Assessments with Debrief & Development Plan

The Talent Company has extensive experience in providing 360° feedback instruments and services. These services are specially designed to promote professional development among employees and managers at all levels and to facilitate the development of federal organizations.

The 360° process goes beyond a simple questionnaire or the compilation of results that summarize the current competencies individuals demonstrate at work. Rather, our 360° feedback instruments and services consist of a structured process whereby managers interested in development compare a self-assessment of their leadership competencies with the way they are viewed by other significant persons, such as their superiors, peers, staff, clients, etc.

The process begins with the assessment itself, then continues with an in-depth analysis of the results, a personalized individual feedback session and provides insight that could contribute to the creation of a development plan suited to the needs of managers. When this individual process is undertaken with several managers throughout an organization, our specialists can provide an organizational report that provides an overview of the group’s aggregated results, according to leadership competencies.

Feedback sessions with a 360° assessment specialist:

  • To help you to interpret your results and answer all your questions;
  • To tie the results of your report to your short-and long-term career objectives; and
  • Includes follow-up sessions with an executive coach to help you design a learning plan or take action on your development needs.

The 360° feedback process consists of four key steps:

  • Step 1: Distribution and completion of 360° questionnaires
    Participants receive an e-mail with instructions on how to start their own 360° feedback process. Participants then select their raters and complete their own assessment of the individual. 
  • Step 2: Feedback report
    Once all of the results have been received from all of the questionnaire responses for a participant, a feedback report is produced and a session is arranged between the participant and a TTC assessment specialist. 
  • Step 3: Confidential feedback session
    The one-to-one feedback sessions are designed to facilitate understanding of the report and to identify strengths and key areas for action. This session is intended to provide the means to start a development plan.
  • Step 4: Development plan and follow on coaching
    In order to maximize the benefit of the 360° feedback process, participants use the information provided in the report and during the feedback session to determine development objectives. During this step, participants are encouraged to discuss their learning objectives with their immediate supervisor.

Our Certified Coaching & Facilitating Team is composed of senior level former federal public service executives (Director, DG, and ADM level).

Supply Arrangement: We are Government of Canada pre-qualified with supply arrangements in place. To receive our Procurement Guide, email Jason Parks at jason.parks@thetalent.co

To learn more about our Federal Public Service Solutions, book a conversation with Jason Parks, VP Business Development & Public Service Practice Lead.

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