Director General (DG) Coaching Program

Refresh, realign, and elevate your executive skills in today’s leader landscape

The Director General Coaching Program supports the development of high-performing leaders to meet the challenges and needs of today’s federal public service. Participants are supported by DG-level former public servant coaches as they strengthen their personal leadership style in a confidential and safe space.

We know that to succeed as a DG in today’s evolving federal public service, you need a trusted coach to help create a confidential and safe space to reflect, a partner to act as a sound board, and a cheerleader to encourage continued competency development such as strategic thinking, managerial courage, resilience, communicating to influence and getting buy-in at all levels, negotiating, and system thinking.

Topics/questions often addressed at the DG level:

  • How to build resilience in a world of chaos?
  • How to build trust and long lasting relationships?
  • How to expand my professional network?
  • How to change the organizational culture?
  • How to improve my strategic thinking?
  • How to influence more effectively?
  • How to debrief senior management more effectively?
  • How to manage conflict, grievances and harassment complaints?
  • How to deal with and support poor or under-performers?
  • How to navigate in a changing and ambiguous world?
  • How to motivate a team when you may not know the destination?
  • How to innovate with limited resources?

Our Certified Coaching & Facilitating Team is composed of senior level former federal public service executives (Director, DG, and ADM level).

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