Aspiring Director Coaching Program

Discover and advance into the executive pathway

As your department and team adapts to constant change, each manager must grow with it. It’s not enough to have a strong executive team; a successful organization needs leadership ability at all levels in order to secure a strong talent management pipeline. To support and engage employees, it’s vital to boost leadership competencies by assessing strengths and identifying areas requiring further development. 

Whether she or he wants to get on the leadership track, is seeking a promotion, has just stepped into a new role, or wants to engage their staff more effectively, they can boost their potential by developing their leadership competencies and career literacy. 

The Aspiring Director’s Cadre is designed to provide clarity to individuals on their leadership skills, strengths, and goals by a highly trained executive leadership coach. 

Your employee will: 

  • Complete a leadership competency & character inventory self assessment; identify their leadership strengths and areas for development;
  • Better communicate the direction of your department, business strategy, and Culture;
  • Engage in peer coaching conversations and case studies;
  • Maximize their leadership and communications toolkit when working with superiors, colleagues and subordinates;
  • Have an increased understanding of how to navigate federal government competitions and how to achieve success in their career;
  • Enhance their leadership skills and techniques; and create a strategic leadership development plan & internal mentorship plan;
  • Generate powerful breakthroughs in addressing critical leadership and management challenges — help people learn how to deal with complexity and develop a range of responses to constantly evolving situations

Our program meets the needs of your organization and aligns with the Government of Canada’s KLC’s:

  • Create vision and strategy,
  • Mobilize people,
  • Uphold integrity and respect,
  • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders,
  • Promote innovation and guide change,
  • Achieve results

Delivery Modality; this 6 month program includes: 

Six (6) x 2 hour monthly group sessions that cover the following topics; 

  • The Leader in You
  • Introduction To Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading High Performing Teams
  • The Art & Practice of Courageous Conversations
  • Navigating & Networking in, Your Public Service Career
  • Federal Government Applications & Interviews

360 Multi-Rater Leadership Assessment to provide anonymous and all-around feedback on strengths and areas for growth

Six (6) x one-to-one coaching sessions with a senior leadership coach (50 minute sessions) in order to build a personal Leadership Development Plan, Career Advancement Strategy and Competition Preparation.

Our Certified Coaching & Facilitating Team is composed of senior level former federal public service executives (Director, DG, and ADM level).

Supply Arrangement: We are Government of Canada pre-qualified with supply arrangements in place. To receive our Procurement Guide, email Jason Parks at

To learn more about our Federal Public Service Solutions, book a conversation with Jason Parks, VP Business Development & Public Service Practice Lead.

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