Zahra Hirji

Leadership Coach, Consultant & Facilitator

Overview and Strengths

Zahra Hirji is a Leadership Coach and Facilitator at The Talent Company. She is a seasoned leadership development expert with over 20 years of global experience working with organizations in the area of talent and leadership development solutions. She brings expertise in the areas of assessments, facilitation, 1:1 and team coaching. She has also designed and implemented global leadership development and coaching programs for Managers through to Senior Executive levels. Zahra has over 1500 hours of 1:1 and team coaching with 200+ global leaders across North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

She has served in the capacity of a Board Member for a number of Not for Profit organizations over the past 10 years including volunteering with one of the largest not for profits in the world, the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) supporting their global CEO onboarding efforts. Zahra works with global clients across a number of industries including startup, technology, financial services, insurance, pharma, consumer goods, aerospace and retail.

Zahra focuses on providing I/O psychology-based assessment debriefs, leadership development program design and facilitation, and 1:1 and team coaching for startup and F500 companies. Zahra’s expertise is in developing leadership capability for high potential and emerging leaders.

Coaching Philosophy

Zahra’s focus is on helping individuals and teams apply a strengths-based approach to succeed and thrive.  She draws into emotional intelligence, leadership capabilities and helps leaders identify their locus of control.  The three key areas of coaching include:

  • Transitions: Supporting individuals and teams through major transitions including onboarding, promotion, mergers and acquisitions.
  • High Potentials: Supporting high potentials get clear on their goals and objectives to get to the next level in their careers
  • Emerging Leaders: Support emerging leaders build the leadership capabilities that are required to grow and scale teams and the business

Coaching Highlights

  • 15+ years global talent development
  • Experience working across culture and borders
  • Experience and adaptability across multiple industries
  • Experience coaching individual to senior executive levels




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