Wendy Finlason

Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

Overview and Strengths

As a visionary leader, master facilitator and transformational coach in the North American Human Capital forum, Wendy has been an influential contributor and thought leader to the design and execution of world-class Talent Management Strategies helping organizations and people reach their true potential. She is an Executive Coach with over 5,000 hours of coaching leaders, top performers and teams, and a Master Facilitator with 8,000 hours of facilitation experience.

Wendy has 25 years of experience in both operations and designing and facilitating scaled human capital strategies and initiatives with both start-up and global organizations. Wendy’s unique background of business leadership has given her the advantage of building more credibility in her coaching practice with leaders as she understands their corporate language and climate. She has a proven track record of developing, coaching and inspiring individuals and teams to build strong levels of credibility, influence and outperformance. Throughout Wendy’s career, she has received four prestigious Global and North American HR awards, in recognition of her business impact.

Coaching Philosophy

Wendy’s progressive – and unconventional – approach to Talent Management has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Society for Human Resource Management, based on her leading edge thinking and unique perspective on the changing world of HR. As a dynamic public speaker on leadership, human capital strategies and inspiring/engaging organizations on how to shift to a culture of transparency, accountability and performance, she has spoken at numerous leadership conferences including the Human Capital Institute Conference and the Fierce Summit Conference.

Deeply committed to developing long-term, collaborative relationships across an organization, as well as in the public forum, Wendy is passionate about bringing out the best in leaders and their teams. Her expertise includes coaching, human capital strategy, talent management, learning and development, strategic planning, succession planning, change management, organizational development, up-skilling and re-skilling, facilitation, engagement and performance management.





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