Sylvie Séguin Brant

Senior Executive Coach & Facilitator

Coaching languages: English and French


Sylvie is a dynamic PCC Certified Coach with experience in accompanying individuals/groups navigate professional and personal growth. Her coaching has been deeply informed from 35+ years spent working in the public service, in the academic sector, by being an entrepreneur and volunteering with minor hockey teams (manager, billet, social convenor). As an executive, Sylvie has experienced first-hand what it means to be a leader in a complex environment that requires strong emotional intelligence to achieve success. Sylvie has also benefited professionally and personally from having received coaching services throughout her career as she increased the breadth and depth of her responsibilities.

She has coached clients and groups in a variety of areas including operations and programs, information technology, human resources, corporate, policy, sports, and military. Sylvie enjoys coaching executives and emerging leaders as well as individuals going through transitions. As well, Sylvie has also facilitated workshops with the purpose of increasing team cohesiveness.

Sylvie meets clients where they are and respects their need for development. She offer a safe and trusting space where individuals can dare to hope and share what they most desire, setting the stage for value creation and growth.

In addition, Sylvie has accompanied clients/groups to resolve issues such as having difficult discussions with bosses, colleagues and team members, managing in times of ambiguity and complex changes, managing increasing workload and competing priorities, creating productive and respectful work environments, managing high levels of stress while maintaining high performance and sanity, influencing, and communicating more clearly, developing a positive inquiry mindset, learning to let go of perfectionism and delegating, developing self-confidence in facing new challenges and increasing the ability to think big picture (strategic thinking) to resolve complex issues.

Leadership Coaching/Facilitating Areas of Expertise

Manage in Times of Ambiguity and Change; Effective Communications, Adopt an Executive Presence, Appreciate Diversity; Develop new leaders and people; Adopt a sharing leadership perspective; Build lasting partnerships; Strengthen Strategic Thinking and Planning, Transition to increased responsibilities including management roles; Develop and Maintain Resilience; Plan career path.

Education and Qualifications

Honours BA in Psychology: University of Ottawa

Master of Education with thesis:  Queen’s University

PCC, International Coaching Federation (ICF)

MCM (Integral Master Coach TM), PCM and ACM – Integral Coaching Canada

Certified Administrator:

  • Emotional Intelligence: EQ-i 2.0 and 360
  • Leadership Circle Profile
  • Integrative 9 Enneagram
  • Nova Profile
  • Spark Lumina and Team

Certified Coach, Resilience: The Leadership and Wellness Group

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Training (ORSC) Fundamentals- underway (completion expected December 2023)

Essence du Souffle (Breathwork)- underway (completion expected November 2023)

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