Salima Valji, PCC

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Professional History

Salima is a Digital Leadership veteran with 20+ years’ experience as an executive, consultant, and coach driving leadership, wellness and performance. Her executive roles included Vice President of Edelman, Managing Director of Sonic Boom (now NATIONAL PR) and SVP Digital for GCI Group. Salima is also a professor at George Brown College for the past 10 years.

Overview and Strengths

As a coach and facilitator, Salima works with Leaders in person and remotely to unleash them forward and thrive at work preparing leaders for the Future of Work. Salima is recognized for unleashing confidence, inspiring career growth, building resilience and facilitating individual and organization reinventions.

Salima facilitates manager and executive audiences to acquire the necessary frameworks, knowledge, skills and coaching to enhance their role as enterprise leaders both in the public and private sector globally.

Salima is comfortable coaching at all levels, including the C-Suite. She leads with non- judgment and creatively leverages various approaches to best meet the client’s needs. Salima brings her marketing, business, and mindfulness experience to help leaders meet their goals.

Salima supports women in leadership through the following initiatives: investor and activator of SheEO, Girls on Boards Coach, mentor to young women new to Canada and certified facilitator for #IamRemarkable, a Google diversity initiative.

Coaching Philosophy

Salima’s coaching style is patient, empathetic, zero judgement, direct and accountable.

Salima has observed accountability is often what coachees’ need most. She concludes each coaching session with commitments, timelines, key learnings/ takeaways from the session and where else in their life does the lesson apply. Salima’s core values as a coach include tapping into the coachee’s inner wisdom, focusing on the coachee unleashing forward, raising the coachee’s consciousness and that coaching is for everyone at all levels in the organization.




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