Natasha Skolny

Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Overview and Strengths

Natasha leverages her skills in active listening and her experience in HR and L&OD to ask critical questions and make observations that empower her clients to achieve meaningful, high impact goals aligned to their purpose. While focusing on a client’s strengths, she explores the interference that is getting in their way from achieving their desired results.

With more than 15 years of experience in human resources, organizational development, and leadership programming facilitation, she leverages her skills in communication, culture, and purpose from various industries including finance, insurance, construction, and IT. She has worked closely with leaders at all levels – from first time people managers to senior level leaders on key leadership competencies with a heightened focus on relationship building, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and delegation of authority.

Coaching Philosophy

Natasha’s coaching is an intentional practice that is anchored in the client authentically connecting with themselves and with others. She partners with clients to create an environment that allows them to explore, reflect, and take brave action as they lead themselves to a place of purpose, intention and mind/body alignment. She offers a practical approach with tools/resources for the client to use.




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