Misha Miranda

Consultant, Career Transition


Misha is a strategic and collaborative Talent Acquisition professional who brings close to 2 decades of experience. She has had the opportunity to work in medium to large organizations across various industries such as financial services (banking, insurance, pensions), biotech, education, manufacturing, and retail.

Misha’s approach is forward-thinking and proactive when it comes to TA. In her experience, Misha has been brought into multiple organizations to resolve broken TA processes, identify efficiencies, build recruitment strategies, implement emerging talent programs, transform underperforming teams to high performers, and elevate the TA function’s profile and service levels within the Business.

Misha also has extensive experience building out and delivering coaching workshops to both candidates and hiring managers, in 1-on-1 and group settings, covering various topics such as: making the right hiring decisions, interviewing candidates effectively, resume writing, interview prep, and navigating the market for job opportunities.

Other expertise Misha offers includes leading TA-related technology implementation projects to enhance the hiring experience, for example implementing an AI feature to grade applications submitted, and implementing video functionalities to allow candidates to submit a pre-recorded interview as part of the application process.

Misha holds an Honors Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University where she specialized in Human Resources. She is an expert with LinkedIn recruiter and certified in several assessment tools including Predictive Indicator & Thomas assessments.

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