Michelle Fitzgerald

Leadership & Team Coach

Overview and Strengths

Known for her strategic, engaging, and insightful style, Michelle has established a strong reputation in leadership coaching, team performance, and organizational change. Her approach is grounded in more than 25 years of operational and consulting experience. Michelle held senior leadership roles in healthcare and the insurance and finance sectors during periods of major change and transformation.

Michelle leverages a variety of psychometrics to help her clients realize their unique strengths, blind spots, and leadership style. Her extensive experience in delivering leadership programs proves invaluable, as she often incorporates relevant models and best practices into coaching conversations.

She has a passion for helping leaders create environments that inspire collaboration, creativity, agility, and innovation. Clients can count on her to be on top of best practices and emerging trends in this evolving world of work.

Coaching Philosophy

Michelle brings a unique blend of curiosity, tenacity, humor, and an unwavering focus on outcomes to each conversation. She is known for her ability to forge connections quickly and steer her clients to focus on what matters most, enabling them to perform at their peak potential and reach their goals.

Coaching Highlights

More recently, Michelle has been coaching leaders who:

  • Seek to uncover the right career path or advance into more senior roles and accelerate their transition and impact
  • Are adapting to new business realities, leading change, and navigating tough people challenges
  • Seek to achieve impactful results through team building, visionary communication, strategic partnerships, and transformative change
  • Strive to elevate their leadership and inspire collaboration, innovation and high performance





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