Marguerite Senecal

Executive Coach

Overview and Strengths

Marguerite Senecal specializes in Leadership Coaching, empowering C-suite and senior executives to grow as effective, authentic and powerful leaders and to reach their highest goals for themselves and their companies. She supports them to think and act strategically, to convey their vision in a compelling way and to empower, motivate and inspire their people. She coaches C-Suite executives and is a trusted advisor to those in the highest executive roles.

Marguerite is passionate about the power of communication to shape our lives and our worlds. She has a laser focus on content and accuracy and understands the importance of nuance, tone, and the subtleties of delivery. A certified Executive Coach, she quickly spots and diagnoses what diminishes a person’s power and presence. She is recognized for the quality of her listening and her questions, the clarity of her insight, her direct, compassionate style and her ability to cut to the chase. She guides leaders to see and overcome blind spots and to adopt attitudes, approaches and styles which better serve their goals. She provides them with practical tools to become better communicators and stronger leaders, to form alliances, navigate conflict and change, and achieve a vision with and through people.

Coaching Philosophy

Marguerite identifies and builds on a leader’s existing strengths and provides a safe, confidential place to look at what needs to be changed or developed. She guides executives to see possibilities, overcome obstacles and achieve transformational change within themselves and in their organizations. She ensures that clients understand the importance of perception and empowers them to shape how they are perceived by being intentional in their communication, delivery, and presence, and by aligning their actions and speech with their best intentions.

Coaching Highlights

Marguerite coaches and consults internationally, with organizations and individuals in every sector, from energy, finance and corporate real estate to legal, medical, and pharmaceutical, professional services and government.





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