Kimberly Rowan

Executive Coach

Overview and Strengths

Kim brings over 20 years of experience as a certified Human Resources Executive Leader in North American and global organizations across various industries including:  pharmaceutical, engineering, clinical research, legal, financial, building systems, consumer packaged goods.   She has built and managed high-performing teams in face paced environments and has a strong track record of being a trusted and valued strategic business partner.  Well skilled in a variety of disciplines, her passion and expertise lie in creating authentic and high performing cultures through highly effective leadership.

Kim is highly passionate about partnering with leaders who realize the importance of shaping and reinventing their organizations in a constantly evolving world. Throughout her career as an HR executive, she has worked with senior leaders to enable strong business performance through improving their leadership skills and creating cultures that are: values driven, high performing, resilient and agile.

Coaching Philosophy

Kim’s main goal as a coach is to be in service to you; to help you “unmuddy” the waters in the world around you. Most often the answers we seek are below the surface of our awareness. With the fast pace of change, pressures at work and home and our own internal drive, we can get overwhelmed. We feel stuck and often doubt ourselves which impedes our ability to move forward in a purposeful manner. As results driven person, with your permission, Kim will challenge you to dig deep and be very curious about yourself and your challenges. In partnership this approach will ensure you reach optimal performance while showing up as your best authentic and fulfilled self.

Coaching Highlights

  • 15+ years of experience working with Executive teams and supporting leaders and organizations with business and people challenges.
  • Led, managed and coached HR and cross functional teams across geographies and cultures with a goal of driving performance and engagement.





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