Kellan Beck

Executive & Team Coach

Overview and Strengths

Kellan Beck is a Certified Executive Coach who partners with individuals from high potentials to C-level, and with teams across organizational industries the areas of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Career Management.

She brings 10+ years as a coach and 20+ years of international experience (UK, Europe, US and Canada) in business development as a leader and individual contributor in the human resource services and financial information industry supporting a variety of client industries. She spent many years delivering the results of the 50 Best Employers to Work for in Canada engagement survey to leadership teams of participating organizations.

Kellan has a passion for people and enjoys motivating individuals and groups/teams to reach and surpass their goals. As a leadership coach, she helps her clients by asking the right, often challenging questions in order to uncover and assess client needs and roadblocks; and partners with them to determine the right solutions. Kellan’s commitment to her clients is demonstrated in a safe, confidential, and unbiased environment.

Kellan’s areas of expertise include working with clients to build leadership skills, coaching individuals where multicultural and intergenerational nuances are at play, supporting organizations going through culture change and bringing people together, coaching high potentials, and moving senior leaders forward in alignment with organizational needs. She also
develops and facilitates workshops and coaches groups and teams. She has successfully helped hundreds of individuals explore pathways for personal and professional growth.

Kellan works with clients in a variety of organizational sectors—including financial services, pharmaceutical, technology, education, consumer goods, engineering/mining, retail, professional services, healthcare, not for profit, and government.

Coaching Philosophy

I am truly passionate about people. I get really excited seeing people succeed in their lives and careers—and I enjoy helping them get there. I believe that people are resourceful and have the answers within themselves.

A coach is an accountability partner that creates a safe and unbiased place for open, transparent and honest conversations to happen, to support the client’s introspection and self-discovery. In this, the client’s strengths, areas of development, blind spots, and successes are made apparent. With this increased self-awareness, so many things can happen; often what the client thought was impossible.

Coaching is about building that trusting, supportive, compassionate partnership. It’s also about pushing the client into a place of discomfort in trying new things, exploring new areas, and developing sustainable, positive behaviours that align with their needs—and the needs of the organization. Empowering leaders and teams to unleash their full potential in engaging and exciting ways.




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