Judy Johnson

Leadership Coach

Overview and Strengths

Judy Johnson is a coach and consultant working with clients at all levels including leaders and emerging leaders to assist with navigating change. In her role, she develops, manages, consults, and executes projects with individuals and organizations including coaching, leadership development, and team development. She works with leaders, managers, and teams to develop coaching skills as well as coach employees on how to effectively engage their teams, planning for promotional purposes, succession planning, as well as their own career development. Judy’s commitment to self-awareness and development is shown through her skills as an assessment facilitator to increase her clients’ awareness of their personality characteristics and the impact they have as an individual and as a leader.

Judy leverages the fact that she has worked within the public and private sectors as well as owning her own company to network, make connections, and build relationships. She purposefully builds rapport and trust while cultivating a psychologically safe space and utilizes her listening and analytical skills to assess and takes the time to understand her clients’ needs.

Coaching Philosophy

Judy’s philosophy is to own what you know and be curious about what you don’t. She works with people to spark their true potential; cultivating space for leaders to understand what their strengths are, exploring how they want to grow while discovering where that could lead. She believes in the possibilities of her clients; empowering them through coaching, skills assessments, and uncovering what is possible, both in the short and long-term.





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